Angel Ruvalcaba

Hello there lovely people, Angel Ruvalcaba here, Doodling Spider-Man's face on school notebooks since 1999! I like to believe that Toy Story and I share the same anniversary for a reason.

Growing up, Disney, Pixar, and Warner Brothers films were a huge inspiration and continue to inspire me today. The original Sam Raimi Spider-Man films showed me just how much I love superheroes, and my art style reflects that. I’ve read way too many Marvel comics and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I used to draw my own comic books and was always so excited to tell my own stories!

I knew art was what I wanted to do in my life and that lead me to purse a Digital Illustration Associates degree at Mesa Community College. I traditionally do character or comic illustrations on either paper or Photoshop/Illustrator, but I'm always looking to try new things! I went to go work at Disneyland for sometime and learned so much about myself as an artist there, and realized the next step for me was a Film Making Practices Bachelors Degree at Arizona State University. I love the idea of combining film and illustration to create new exciting stories using the medium of animation! I hope to write my own stories and bring them to life one day!

When I'm not drawing, you can find me playing video games, listening to/playing music, or watching a great movie! I love to play a good single player adventure game that tells a great story. I listen to a variety of genres when drawing, but Alternative is definitely a favorite genre. BUT you’ll most likely find me listening to a movie score most of the time! I try to watch as many movies as I can, and find my next favorite Independent Film! Now I’ll leave you with a quote from Stan the Man himself, “You know, I guess one person can make a difference. Nuff said.”