Brian Winkler

Hi my name is Brian Winkler and I’m a character animator/artist. From the earliest days as a child, I’ve always loved cartoons. My parents would play classic films/shows from Disney, Warner Brothers, MGM, Don Bluth, etc. I can’t remember what exactly the first drawing I did, but I know I started at a young age.  I would draw my favorite characters in front of the tv, in my room, at school, on the bus or wherever. I was known as the artistic kid in my class. Then when I found out that making cartoons/films could be an actual career, I knew from then on that’s what I wanted to do in life.

 My art teachers encouraged my work and helped me on my way for making a portfolio where I was accepted right on the spot at Villa Maria College of Buffalo’s Animation Program. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and during the four years, I made three films, two of which won awards. I keep in contact with my professors and colleagues and from time to time work on projects or advise current students.

I would what inspires me is the craftsmanship and passion that goes into making a shot, a scene and whole movie.  The acting/personalities of the characters help drive the story and I love characters that we can relate to. I hope to create such scenes/characters that are memorable as on the ones that I love growing up for new generations to come.

Besides animating/drawing, my other hobbies include playing hockey, baseball, playing drums, going the movies, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, relaxing on the couch or taking a nice nap.

While animating, I love to listen to anything related to animation, such as podcasts, interviews, or even movies themselves. What’s funny is that I’ve seen them so many times, that I can picture the image from just the sound.

“For me, drawing is the greatest joy. Animation is never as good as when I’m sitting at the desk drawing. Even when it’s up on the screen, it’s never as wonderful as those moments when it’s drawn, to me. “ -Glen Keane