Clothilde Blondot

My name is Clothilde Blondot, but everyone calls me "Clo". I am from France and I have been living in the United States since 2014.

I don't remember when I began to draw, but it's been a passion of mine since childhood, though I never thought it would someday be a part of my job. I started to study mathematics and informatics at college and then, a friend let me visit his video game company where he was working. I knew at that moment I had to be an artist.

I dropped out of my studies in math and began studying at the school of Animation in Luxemburg for two years. Shortly after, I integrated into the school of CG animation in the South of France for a year.

For me, I always draw for my stories and dreams to bring them to life. They are my inspiration. But I have a lot of passions, one of them being video games. I play a lot, and my favorite is World of Warcraft.

Another passion of mine is reading books. In fact, I read a lot of books. When I begin a book, I can't stop until I finish it. Then, because I can't help myself, I love to illustrate the book I've just read and imagine how the characters might look...

My other passions are crafting and sewing. I love to make plushies (or stuffed animals for those not in the geek world). I create my own patterns and tend to make the plushies pretty big!

To wrap up I leave you with this message, which I believe to be very important “Failures do not exist, only lessons of life”.

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