Emmett Hamilton

Hi everyone! My name is Emmett Hamilton and I want to thank you for stopping by. I’m a digital artist who has worked in the entertainment industry since 2010; however, I’ve been drawing and animating for much longer. As a little kid, I was always drawing characters from my favorite cartoon shows and comic books. I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons, which eventually lead to my interest in animation. I would take dictionaries and telephone books (remember those) and create my own flip books, which featured elaborate stick figure battles! It was a great time in my life and my parents were incredibly supportive of my interests. Well… except for the using the dictionaries as flip books. They kinda hated that!

As I got older, I focused more on illustration and less on animation. I was really into comic books at this time and created dozens of original stories and characters. I even took one of those stories and started my own online comic! But I wanted to learn and do more. And so, with a burning desire to improve my craft, I enrolled in the Southwest University of Visual Art’s Illustration program and began my journey to obtaining my BA. But, in the end, it wasn’t enough. I felt like something was missing.

Then something incredibly interesting happened. I got to know some of the students in the animation program. They introduced me to some of their projects... and it clicked with me.  I immediately switched programs and four years later, graduated with my BA in animation! They say serendipity is just intention unmasked. It’s true.

When I’m not animating, I’m watching animation, playing video games, or honing my skills as a digital painter. Not many of my interests lie outside my home. I’m an avid “Indoorsman”! Much of my inspiration comes from reading books, comics, watching animation and listening to music. I love music! All music! And tend to listen to just about everything, from K-Pop to EDM, while I’m drawing.  

So, create what you love, share it with the world and inspire others to do the same!