Jacqueline Marquez

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name Is Jacqueline Marquez and I am currently a 2nd year student at Arizona State University. I consider myself a creature artist, since most of my works and projects center around their design, movement, behavior, and depiction of animals both real and fantastical. However, relating to media I am very experimental and multimedia focused. I first started drawing in High School, and at that time I wanted to be a biologist, so I would spend a lot of my time trying to comprehend anatomy and organic structures such as textures. Sure enough, my passion for biology evolved into a passion for art, and soon enough I began to find ways to make my creatures come to life. Since then, I have been training in the arts for about 4 years and spent 3 of those years solely focusing on drawing. I still have a long way to go when it comes to painting and animation. So far, I am completely self taught at these fields, but I am looking forward to  taking a few 3D animation courses next semester at my university.

It may sound unusual, but a lot of my inspiration as an artist comes from organic shapes found in nature. For instance, the patterns in a tree trunk or cloud formations in the sky. My brain instantly finds shapes in them and then inspires me to create original characters, which I like to model and later animate (sometimes in 2D). Another source of inspiration for me is languages and culture. I speak 3 languages (Spanish, Japanese and English) and I often borrow characteristics from these and blend them together and depict them in my art.

My hobbies outside of art include studying Japanese, hanging out with friends, and playing fighting video games such as Smash Brothers and Street Fighter. When drawing I enjoy listening to various podcasts including game reviews, audio books among others.

To end, I leave you with my favorite quote, "Be who you are and do what you dream, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"-Bernard M Baruch

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