Kaija is a 18-year-old runaway, anxious to put her old life behind her and chase a future filled with the promise of adventure. Hearing legends of his greatness as a treasure hunter, Kaija finds Silas in hopes that he will take her with him on his quests and train her, so that she may learn to be a great adventurer and live her own fantastic story. After meeting Silas, she finds that she is not fond of him, due to their clashing personalities, but still follows him out of respect for his reputation, and a determination to learn from the best in the business.

Kaija takes pride in her bubbly disposition, and always believes in looking for the fun in any given situation. She loves to tease and is not afraid to get back in Silas’ face when he gets in hers. As an adventurer, Kaija is very inexperienced in the life-style and is reminded consistently by Silas of how many times he has had to bail her out of a tough situation. Her dependence on him frustrates her, so she will often push herself forward even if she’s scared. She’s a bit clumsy, and is the type of person to act first and think later, much to the annoyance of her partner.

Kaija may be under-confident in her abilities, but she does not lack the determination and self-assurance that she will improve and one day become a great adventurer and treasure hunter. Kaija knows she’s a book character, but doesn’t let it change how she lives her life. She has never been to “Reality” before this story, though she has met Nathaniel several times in their own world and admires and respects him as her author.

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