Keith Yakouboff

I became interested in drawing and illustration when I was three. I watched my uncles who were great illustrators and followed after them. At that early age, I started developing my hand-eye coordination.

When I got into college, I learned that art was much more than drawing things photo-realistically. I had to learn how to see. It was there that I learned about composition and aesthetics.

But, my interests go way beyond creating visually. I enjoy movies, “old school” cartoons, old TV shows, stargazing, museums, NY-based sports teams, home audio systems and collecting vinyl records, science fiction, history, political science, theology / Christian apologetics, martial arts, and… I could go on.

When I’m zoned in to the creation process, I like to listen to a variety of things that help me coast along. These might be spacey / electronic music, 80s new wave, near- and far-eastern music, and even Seinfeld clips or online radio programs.