Kristen knight

     Hello world in need of art! I am Kristen Knight- an artist with Innovelore Entertainment, here to draw your heart’s desires (though, to be honest, I specialize in more of a Western-style character flair). My journey as an artist started off when I was a child, growing up with lots of stories from both movies and books sparked my own imagination. Wanting to “Step Through the Looking Glass”, I started drawing myself and other characters (characters that were as dear to me as my own friends) and ventured with them into worlds unknown. As I grew up, I wanted to share these worlds to inspire others as they inspired me. With this goal in mind, I decided to shoot for a career where I could make beautiful art and tell fantastic stories.  I worked my way through Scottsdale Community College to get my Associates in both Art and Fine Art. My degree landed me an animation and drawing internship with Bryan University from April 2016 to September 2016. Only a month later I was hired by the lovely people of Innovelore, and I have remained here ever since.

     Now, you might be wondering sparks my imagination? Well, life does of course!

     What? Too general of an answer? Well, it is true, everything and anything can spark something in my imagination, compelling me to draw or come up with a story on the spot. And since I usually spend my free time drawing, going on adventures with friends, feeding my habit of movies and entertainment, or making costumes for the next Con I’m going to- there’s a lot of inspiration to go around. How do I fuel myself while working? Creamer with a splash of coffee. Also listening to a variety of music, spooky pod cast stories, and lots of random documentaries, usually on the historical side.

     I thank you for your time in getting to know me a bit better, and leave you with these parting words: “If every pork chop was perfect we wouldn’t have hot dogs”- Steven Universe    


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