Our Story

The word "Innovelore" was invented by our studio as a combination of "innovation" and "lore". As storytellers and artists, we know it is important to remember the traditions of the old lore, legends, myths, and tales that captured the imagination of people so long ago. At the same time, as the entertainment industry continues to grow and change with the technologies of the 21st century, we believe in being innovative and constantly evolving the way we tell our stories to become a creative spark of inspiration for new generations of entertainment enthusiasts. But no matter what, it is the story that is the heart of any project-that's why we have "novel" at the heart of our name. Every successful project begins with a great story. And so, by combining the storytelling traditions of the past with the exciting promise of the future, and keeping in mind that a strong story is key, you get us: Innovelore Entertainment. 

We started out small as a company. Opening our doors officially on May 31, 2016, Innovelore's team of artists began by building our brand and smoothing out our production process. From there we began taking on our first client work illustrating commissioned art pieces and designing original characters for our clients.

By the end of 2017, we knew that our company's future was in animation and film-making. Innovelore’s artists, story-tellers, and leaders worked together to create an animation production pipeline that worked for our team and a small animation portfolio showcasing teasers of our upcoming studio projects and some of our animation capabilities. As of March of 2018, our team began to focus primarily on animation, balancing client projects and the development of original content.

In May of 2019, on the company’s third year anniversary, Innovelore Entertainment officially split into two divisions: Innovelore Entertainment would focus solely on the creation of original content developed within the studio, while our sister branch, Velorean Productions, would be taking over all of our external client work. Today, most of our artists still work back and forth between both divisions, and together we’ve worked to create a pipeline unique to each division to best tell our team and our clients’ stories.

Innovelore Entertainment works hard every day to tell engaging stories and design stunning art and visuals to convey them. As a team, we continue to push the boundaries of art and animation to create stories and media for our clients and our studio that brings to life a vision and captures the imagination of an audience. Thank you for your interest in our studio, and we hope you'll continue to follow us on our Adventures in Storytelling.


A typical day at work

As a small studio, our team members wear many hats in the production process of all of our projects. Together, our collective experience and vast capabilities creates the opportunity for a highly collaborative work environment in which to produce our projects. We believe attention to detail is critical, and we spend a lot of time up front in the writing, planning, storyboard, and design phases getting the visuals right, and making sure the story conveys what we and our clients want. From there, it's all about the artwork and animation, sound, and post-production effects and editing. A lot goes into production, but we're a quirky bunch with a passion for our craft, so we know how to make it fun!

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