Silas is a 21-year-old rogue treasure hunter that is well-known throughout his story and the world of fiction for his work. No one would go quite as far as to call him a thief, but he’s not afraid to take on morally gray jobs, and he is very good at what he does.

Silas has been alone most of his life and prefers it. When Nathaniel writes him a partner for his latest novel, Silas openly expresses his frustration and annoyance at this development; especially in gaining a partner with a loud personality and little field experience. He and Kaija don't get along very well, as Silas is a reserved person who doesn’t speak more than necessary, but when he does he’s blunt and doesn’t care if his words hurt feelings. He’s rather cold and sarcastic, especially to his parnter, but the right person can bring out his softer side.

Silas is confident in himself and his abilities. He’s extremely smart and knows that he is a book character, having met his author Nathaniel when he was a child. He has been to “Reality” before and considers Nathaniel to be a close friend, though the idea of being controlled by another person does not sit well with him, leaving him with complicated feelings towards authors in general. 

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