The Author’s Daughter

The Story


Set in a time where fiction is censored and illegal, a young girl with the power to bring fiction to life and connect the worlds of reality and fantasy must hide her abilities before she and her father are caught and arrested by the FEDs (Fiction Eradication Department).

When she accidentally brings magical creatures out of the fiction world and into reality, her father’s lead characters from his latest fantasy novel must come out of their book and help her bring the creatures back to the fiction realm before they are found by the FEDs and their entire world is “scrapped”.

See Worlds Collide-Coming Soon!


 LIve action and voice cast

Innovelore Entertainment is pleased to announce the final cast of The Author's Daughter. Scroll down for more information about the actors behind the characters!

Paige: Charley Grace

Nathaniel: Carlo LaTempa                                                             

Patrick: Mark Speno

Garrett: Calion Maston

Adam: Christopher Horak

Silas (Voice): Logan Davidson

Kaija (Voice): Mia Olibarria

Silas (Movement): Bryan Hanlon

Kaija (Movement): Ausette Anderies


Trailers and Sneak Peeks


Behind the scenes, concept art, and more

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character design


Environment Design


Behind the scenes